Who is dating paul weller

A source said: "They're well-matched given their joint love of black eyeliner." Natt - whose mother is Paul's ex-wife Dee C.

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She had been a backing singer on his album 22 Dreams - which came out earlier in 2008 - singing on seven of the tracks.So I don’t get a lot of spare time, but if I do I’m quite happy to just sit on the [sofa] and do f**k all and watch TV like most people.’ Looks like Weller has passed on his musical talents to, if his children’s love for music is anything to go by. Her stuff is sort of soul or ambient soul or whatever she calls it. He said: ‘My youngest, the twins, the moment you put music on they’re bobbing their heads. Paul Weller has left his long-term partner and moved in with a backing singer less than half his age.The Jam singer became close to Hannah Andrews, 23, while working together on his new solo album and he has been staying with her since breaking up with his partner of 13 years, Samantha Stock.His love of music began with The Beatles, then The Who and Small Faces.


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