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By her mid-20s, Heche says she had two personalities, herself and "Celestia", an alien from another planet who could talk to dead people, see into the future, and was a half-sister of Jesus Christ.Heche's mother, a successful psychotherapist, says that during her 25-year-marriage to Heches father she never suspected that he was molesting their daughter -- and she still does not believe it.And Anne Heche will still be nuttier than a fruitcake.In divorce papers filed this week, Heche’s estranged husband Coley Laffoon claims that the former half of the world’s most famous lesbian power couple was a bad parent to their 5-year-old son, Homer, and a persistent passenger on the crazy bus.“It is disappointing that Coley Laffoon has resorted to filing lies with the court because Anne would not cave in to his astronomical monetary demands, including his demand for ,000 a month in support.

On 19 August 2000, the day after ending her three-year affair with De Generes, a dazed and scantily clad Heche knocked on the door of a stranger’s home in Fresno, California.

Reportedly wearing only a bra and shorts, she rang a stranger's doorbell, inquired about a gateway to outer space, and asked if she could use their shower. 2-Mar-2002)Boyfriend: James Tupper (actor, together since 2006)Son: Atlas Heche Tupper (b.

In 2008, just weeks after her series Men in Trees was cancelled, she claimed to have no money to pay child support for her six-year-old son. 1983 AIDS)Mother: Nancy Heche (psychotherapist)Sister: Susan Bergman (author, b. 2006 brain cancer)Sister: Abigail Heche (jewelry designer)Brother: Nathaniel Heche (d. in infancy)Boyfriend: Lindsey Buckingham (Fleetwood Mac guitarist and singer, together early 1990s)Boyfriend: Steve Martin (comic actor, together 1995-97)Boyfriend: Richard Burgi (actor, together late 1990s)Girlfriend: Ellen De Generes (actress-comedian, cohabited 1997-2000)Husband: Coleman Laffoon ("Coley", camera operator, m. 2009) High School: Ocean City High School, Ocean City, NJ Daytime Emmy 1991 for Another World Risk Factors: Ecstasy, Smoking Arthur Newman (10-Sep-2012) That's What She Said (20-Jan-2012) · Dee Dee Rampart (10-Sep-2011) · Catherine Cedar Rapids (11-Feb-2011) · Joan Ostrowski-Fox Spread (17-Jan-2009) · Samantha Toxic Skies (12-Nov-2008) · Dr.

She was born as the daughter of mother Nancy and father Donald Joseph Heche. She was born as one of her parent's five children. And in 1987, she completed her high school education.

Anne made her professional acting career debut from 1987 television series Another World. In the role of Melanie West she was featured in the American legal comedy-drama television series Ally Mc Beal.


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