Updating hpux patces

For now, consider reading the following external resource: ยป Building Apache and PHP on HP-UX 11.11 Installing PHP 5.x with Apache 2.x on HP UX 11i and configuring PHP 5.x with Oracle 9i I am very glad to share this information to configure PHP 5.x work with Apache 2.x and Oracle 9i on HP UX 11i. $ make install Step 3: Configure Apache 2.x ----------------------------Edit file to include For PHP 5: Load Module php5_module modules/libphp5Add Type application/x-httpd-php .phtml Set environment variables in $APACHE_ROOT/bin/envvars file SHLIB_PATH="/var/apps/apache2/lib:$SHLIB_PATH"export SHLIB_PATHLD_LIBRARY_PATH=$ORACLE_HOME/app/product/9.0.2/lib32export LD_LIBRARY_PATHLD_PRELOAD=/usr/lib/libpthread.sl:$ORACLE_HOME/app/product/9.0.2/JRE/lib/PA_RISC/native_threads/libjava.slexport LD_PRELOADAfter lot of hard work, by following the above procedure, we were able to make PHP 5.x is work with Apache 2.x and Oracle 9i on HP UX 11i OS. If you need an Apache2-Server with PHP4 under HP-UX 11.x, it's a good way to download the HP-Web Server from the HP-Website ( First install the HP-Webserver (swinstall -s /absolute_path_to_depot_file/name_of_depot_file).

Step 1: Install Apache 2.x with DSO support:--------------------------------------------This is a stratight forward Apache installation with --enable-so optiongzip -d httpd-2_0_gztar xvf httpd-2_0_NN.tarcd httpd-2_0_NN./configure \--prefix=/var/apps/apache2 \--enable-so \--enable-mods-shared=most \--libexecdir=/var/apps/apache2/libexec You can add other options as required.makemake install Step 2: Install and configure PHP 5.x with Oracle 9i----------------------------------------------------Edit the ./configure file to change "$OCI8_DIR/lib" as "$OCI8_DIR/lib32" By default, with Oracle 9i, "$OCI8_DIR/lib" will be poiting to Oracle 64 bit libraries in "$OCI8_DIR/lib64" directory. After that, download the newest PHP-Version from (HP ships the HP-Webserver with an old PHP-Version) and unpack the tar-file in a working-directory.

-d Remove patches in the specified software depot that have been superseded by patches also available from the depot. X patch information from the IPD in these situations.

-o Specifies whether the software depot contains patches for HP-UX 10. The cleanup -d command should be executed whenever patches are added to a software depot. X patches be removed from a software depot, but it is a recommendation to conserve disk space and to avoid confusion.

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At the end of the process, reports are available to show compliance.However, browsers are required to access documentation, and if you intend to use Oracle Enterprise Manager Database Control and Oracle Application Express.Web browsers must support Java Script, and the HTML 4.0 and CSS 1.0 standards.Unfortunately, PHP 5.x does not work with 64 bit oracle shared libraries. $ ./configure \--prefix=/var/apps/php \--with-apxs2=/var/apps/apache2/bin/apxs \--with-oci8=/oracle/app/product/9.0.2 \--disable-libxml \--enable-libgcc \--enable-ftp \--enable-calendar \--enable-track-vars \--enable-trans-sid \--enable-sigchild \--libexecdir=/var/apps/apache2/libexec \--with-config-file-path=/var/apps/apache2/conf--enable-libgcc \--enable-sigchild \ You can add other options as required. Use the following parameters for configure PHP:./configure --with-apxs2=/opt/hpws/apache/bin/apxs --prefix=/opt/hpws/apache/php [and so on...]If configure prints the error "expr: An integer value was expected.", than you have to edit the Script "configure".You can use the --help option to configure to get a complete list. Replace the line: APACHE_VERSION=`expr \* 1000000 \* 1000 `with the following (correct and very long) line: APACHE_VERSION=`$APXS_HTTPD -v | head -1 | cut -f3 -d' ' | cut -f2 -d'/' | awk 'BEGIN '`Why? X (and some other UNIX variants) with '--enable-sockets', you'll get an error about 'u_int' being redefined in /usr/include/netinet/in.h and ext/sockets/sockets.c will fail to compile.Note: Unless you intend to complete a silent-mode installation, you must install the software from an X Window System workstation, an X terminal, a PC, or other system with X server software installed.


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