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On a track that would see bikes and bounces as drivers tip toed around a couple of tough spots, Gregg would work his way toward the Top-10. Not panicking, Gregg would settle in and begin working his way forward.Investigators are trying to figure out whether traffic control devices were a factor in the deadly crash.

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Built in 1829, the building served as a dining hall, hotel, and residence for the University’s Steward.The term “vanity project” doesn’t come close to adequately describing the hubristic folly that is “Wheeler,” an excruciatingly dull and self-indulgent faux documentary about a fortysomething singer-songwriter’s rapid and remarkably unimpeded progress toward overnight success in Nashville.It’s a DIY star vehicle for Stephen Dorff, who served as co-producer and co-writer in addition to playing Wheeler Lynn Bryson, a soulful troubadour from small-town Texas.Lorraine Mc Neil, 69, and her daughter Kathleen Wilcox, 45, died last week in an Illinois semi-trailer crash on Interstate 80.The two women, who are both from Ottawa, were pronounced dead at the truck accident site.Police are trying to determine exactly what happened.


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