Peer review speed dating

One of the things I liked about this peer review activity is that it is what John Bean calls a response-centered review.

Students shared their personal responses to the thesis statements, but did not offer any advice.

I then had each student create a Word file containing his or her thesis statement.

Students then shifted one seat to the right and in 90 seconds completed any three of the following six prompts: I agree because…, I like the way you…, I wish I knew more about…, I am confused by…, I wonder if…, This thesis makes me think of….

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I wanted to spend a little time in class making sure they were on the right track with their thesis statements.I found a wonderful activity online that combines peer review of thesis statements with a speed dating format.I asked all my students to bring a laptop to class (and everyone did).That puts the responsibility on the writer for deciding what changes to make.I think it also reduces pressure on the reviewers; it is less intimidating to share personal responses than to give advice. Many leading journals publish fewer than one-third of the articles submitted.


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