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It was adapted into two anime television series produced by Sunrise.

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, is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Rumiko Takahashi.

It was my first attempt at writing characters such as Jakotsu from the Shichinintai, so that was fun. The seven men of the Shichinintai were seven different characters, and while they were villains, they still had their appeal, so what sort of atmosphere were you going for when creating them? When it came to the villains for the Hakureizan arc, I thought that I would need a group in order to get the length I wanted. What sort of tools do you use for your color and monochrome painting?

When I originally created the characters I hadn't planned on seven, but when it came time for them to appear, I thought of the days of the week. In the beginning, Inuyasha's heart is closed off and he gets along poorly with Kagome, but as the story progresses, he trusts everyone and develops a particularly good relationship with Kagome. The time when I am happiest is when I'm writing. Who is your favorite character out of all the works you've done? I like the idiot characters like Ryunosuke from is a love story, but are there any legends or folktales that you particularly like? It's a novel, but I love "The Cauldron of Kibitsu" from "Ugetsu Monogatari" to death. As for current manga, I enjoy reading Higashimura Akiko's "Himawari!


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