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Keeping up with the dating blog has been tough for her since being in a relationship (shocker! I’ve never blogged before, but I’ve always fancied myself a decent writer – plus I’m single and have recently made a conscious effort to enter the Baltimore dating world, so here we are!

Turns out we have some mutual friends (because Smalltimore, of course).

You might remember last year I did a review of the Feiyu Tech wearable gimbal. Wow – yet another massive Giveaway Extravaganza in the books!

Yesterday was pretty crazy once again, with what can only described as an absolute crapton of people stopping by the site to enter the dozen giveaways. After what I’d argue as 1-2 years of being a bit lost, today they’ve nailed it with a product that hits the target audience perfectly and does so at an awesome price. To wrap things up I’m giving away my current running and triathlon watch – the Garmin Forerunner 935.

Darcy in the rain, but couldn’t find an animated GIF of Colin Firth apologizing and thus had to use the far inferior Darcy. We’re sorry because we’ve basically acted like a man after 2-3 OKC dates.

Provide a few laughs, some relatable stories, make you feel slightly bad for us… We have had a monumentally important 30th birthday this month!


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