Dating a woman with personality disorders who is apolo ohno dating now

Most real-life relationships with a partner who has BPD are not deadly.

Usually a person suffering from borderline personality disorder will have rapid mood swings and short, intense emotional outbursts.Throughout the majority of my high school career, I was holistically and deeply consumed by the experience of my first love.Everything was new to me, and the world of dating was unfounded territory that I had only previously dangled a foot into before quickly retreating – and when it first began, it was absolutely thrilling.When I first met my second wife, D, I thought she was perfect.She was everything I thought I could want in a woman.Ever since I was young, I had troubles with depression and anxiety that prohibited me from living a fulfilling life, but this newfound relationship gave me a solid foundation on which to build my self-worth; I had someone else’s constant validation, which I so, so desperately needed.


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