Christiano ronaldo dating history

Cristiano Ronaldo gets love on and off the field and while he's been officially booed up to Irina Shayk for almost two years, he's lived quite the bachelor life over the past decade.

The star soccer player has achieved a lot in his career and has won pretty much every award possible.

Here's what we know about Cristiano's new girlfriend, according to our sister publication HOLA! At the age of four, she started dance lessons, attending Susana Ara's ballet school with her sister who is one year older.

Georgina became a member of the classic and contemporary ballet school and performed in various competitions with them from a young age. She's a model Georgina spent time in London perfecting her English, before moving back to her native Spain.

The pair were reportedly spotted on a number of occasions previously, with the Real Madrid star even allegedly in disguise as they visited Disneyland Paris together, but now their romance has been made public. Ronaldo and Rodriguez attended the Best FIFA Football Awards together in Zurich, accompanied by his son Cristiano Jr, and looked very much at ease as they posed for photographs on the green carpet before the ceremony.

No, not the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo was the best player of 2016.

We knew that already when he topped the Goal 50 poll.

Cristiano Ronaldo has told Real Madrid that he wants to leave the club, a decision that has been described as “irreversible.” And what this all comes down to, if you believe those closest to Real Madrid, is something that is “irreparable” – the Portuguese’s reputation after being denounced by Spain’s tax authorities for allegedly defrauding them to the tune of €14.7m.

Anyone with eyes, and even most of those without, will be aware of how conscious Ronaldo has always been of his image.


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