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In March 2013, graphic designers Timothy Goodman and Jessica Walsh, two longtime friends with completely different approaches to dating, decided to test if people can coax love by forcing themselves into a relationship together. 6) They'd document their experience by filling out a daily questionnaire (which eventually were published on their blog months later.) While their experiment had its ups and downs, the story ends in a marriage -- but did they marry each other? I didn't know what my intentions were at that time," Tim admitted.

They called their experiment "Forty Days of Dating." They agreed to a number of simple rules: 1) They would see each other every day. Huff Post Live sat down with Tim and Jessica to not only discuss their "40 Days of Dating," but to also find out what's happened since. Even though they had their fun -- especially on the day that they decided to hold hands for eight hours straight -- things became tense between the two when the line between their friendship and their experimental relationship began to blur.

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That meant having to do a ton of appearances together, which wasn't always easy for them, considering that their friendship was on the rocks.

I didn’t want to fall too quickly and get my heart broken again.

TG: The project enabled me to be more honest with myself about wanting to find a relationship with someone worth it, someone great. It’s given me a greater capacity to be open and vulnerable.

Before I continue I should warn you that their couples therapist, her personal therapist, and their joint musings based on all the years of therapy they’ve previously had, feature heavily throughout the blog.

There were certain rules attached to the experiment.


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